Environment Committee

Foundries Industry Standard

The MOECC issued Version 2.0 of the Foundries Industry Standard (FIS) on March 8, 2016.

Please note that the new 2016 FIS version has expanded requirements which apply to foundries already registered to the FIS for the applicable contaminant and not just new registrants. Facilities have until March 8, 2017 to implement these expanded requirements before they come into force.

The 2016 FIS also has new requirements depending on the contaminants registered and the pollution control equipment operated. These new requirements have various phase-in dates.

Environment Committee Members

  • Christina Wright, Chair, BCX Environmental Consulting
  • Tyler Armstrong, Haley Industries Limited, Magellan Aerospace
  • Ted Guiducci, Molten Metallurgy Inc.
  • Raul Monroy, Nemak Canada Corporation
  • Christopher Scullion, Trinity Consultants